ITER : towards a new source of energy on Earth ?


Iter premiere couvITER : towards a new source of energy on Earth ?

By Michel Claessens
(preface by Claudie Haigneré)

It is a gigantic project : 35 countries are building in Cadarache, South of France ‘ITER’, the world’s largest fusion reactor. The objective: produce energy from hydrogen fusion, like in the sun and the stars. The challenge: confine a gas heated up to 150 million degrees Celsius. It is one of the most ambitious and fascinating scientific endeavours of our times, which involves thousands enterprises worldwide. In the first book devoted to the subject, Michel Claessens, who was the head of communication in Cadarache during 5 years, gives an insight into-and an insider view on-this breath-taking endeavour. “ITER, the Star of Science”, the title sounds as an evidence: with the largest magnets in the world, the most powerful cryogenic plant and a huge computing power, ITER makes us dizzy ! However, will the project survive to the recurring cost increases and delays ? It is anyway a gift to our children as, if ITER succeeds, it will change the course of civilisation. The technology is safe and clean and uses a universal fuel, hydrogen.

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The author : Scientist and essayist, Michel Claessens has been director of the communication and foreign relations of Iter Program from 2011 to 2016. He is professor at the Brussels Free University.

The preface writer : High evel scientist, many times minister, Claudie Haigneré is know to be the first french astronaut woman in the space and on board of the ISS.  

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Date de publication : 29/10/2018